Family Constellations

Release Ancestral Baggage

As children we can unconsciously take on patterns of anxiety, anger, depression, guilt, aloneness, alcoholism, and even illnesses- as a way of belonging to that family. Sometimes also unresolved conflicts are passed on from one generation to the next.  Family Constellations  is a therapeutic approach that focuses on resolving emotional and psychological issues within families and other systems, such as organizations and communities. It was developed by German psychotherapist Bert Hellinger in the late 20th century and is based on the idea that the emotional and psychological issues of an individual can be traced back to unresolved issues within their family system. The approach involves using a group setting and representatives to act out and explore the dynamics of the family system in order to bring awareness and resolution to these issues. Family Constellations can be used to address a wide range of issues, such as relationship difficulties, addiction, depression, and anxiety.

Come and experience what happens when we get together with pure heart, intent, an open mind, and willing to be of service.

Upcoming Workshops –  2 to 5pm @ Quaker House, Kelvin Grove

Saturday3 August & 5 October. Last ones for this year. 

Contact us to register or request family constellations ($20 participant, $120 for family constellations)

Purchase the CD - $29.99 Within Australia, $39.99 International

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Free your Breath

Nourish and balance your glands and brain

to be determined

Return to Equilibrium by freeing your Breath

Most people only operate at 40-60% breath. Frozen or tight diaphragms lead to constrictions on all levels.  Shortness of breath leads to collapsed posture, disconnection between organs and build-up of toxins.

In this workshop Julia Chai Qigong Teacher and DNA Cellular Healer will share techniques so you can;

 –     cultivate the Breath of Life to restore integrity and homeostasis in your body

–     align the three Treasures (wisdom, power and love)

–     release any past traumas around toxins in the air / freedom to breathe & grief.

Purchase the CD - $29.99 Within Australia, $39.99 International

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Dragon Spirit Workshop

Dragon Spirit Workshop

2024 is the Year of the Wood Dragon. Wood signifies growth, flexibility and harmony. The Dragon is the Life force that flows from the Cosmos into, and through you.

Saturday 9th March from 2- 5pm 

Spiritual Church Brisbane, 228 Boundary St, Spring Hill

Invest $55.00

Inner Harmony is achieved by getting to know your inner dragons (the meridiens and the spine). Myths around dragons and past life experiences may give us an affinity or ambivalence/ blocks towards free flow of Life Force.

However, Dragons represent Energy Pathways that link different dimensions, starting within Nature, all the way to the celestial.  Dragon flows point to the Cosmic Order that exists within and without.

In this workshop Julia Chai Qigong Teacher and Interdimensional Guide will share meditation and qigong techniques to:

  •  Unblock the main meridiens
  • Make the spine more supple
  • Release any past traumas around dragons, make friends with Dragon spirits that are in your energetic field.

This workshop is suitable for those interested in energy healing, spirit world and nature. Bring a mat or rug to lie on if you wish.

To register or enquire call Evie, 0415198436 or Email: