Make a Fresh Start – ditch traumas, phobias,  chronic illness patterns & self sabotaging habits once and for all



Hypnosis allows you to connect directly with the subconscious mind, the part of y0u which originates involuntary responses, emotional reactions, compulsions and cravings.

The subconscious mind is very powerful, accounting for over 80% of our brain.

Hypnotherapy is a process to safely transform disruptive emotional patterns (e.g. anxiety, stress, anger, panic, depression), release past traumas or phobias (such as fear of heights, performance anxiety, needles, spiders, driving) or to discard addictions that hold you back or drag you down (e.g. smoking, overeating, alcohol, gambling).

Same Old Patterns? Break Free with Hypnotherapy

Avoid Groundhog Day & gradual self destruction. Change the Apps & self perpetuating cycles that are repeating over & over.

Release old triggers & Ties

Most of our automatic emotional response patterns are embedded before we are 7 years old and have long since been forgotten by the conscious mind. The roles we unconsciously project, the energies we attach to, and conflict between the inner voices can confuse or cloud relationships & disrupt emotional equilibrium and the manifestation of your desires.

Hypnosis enables you to identify the original event / underlying thought conclusion that is triggering you, then change it, so your future is no longer ruled by the past.

Overcome Trauma

Memories are embedded in neural circuits via Protein Assimilation. Recent neurological research shows that memories can be changed. In essence, each time you access a memory of an event it can be changed and the former file gets wiped.

In this way traumatic memories can be transcended, or your present self can go back to help its past self. Click HERE for more information.

Your Journey Back To Health

Shocks, traumas, contamination or continued stress disrupt homeostasis. Serious or chronic illness sufferers are surrounded by feedback systems reflecting the illness (hospital visits, blood tests sympathy) making it difficult to reset your path to health. The subconscious perpetuates whatever is focused on.


Hypnotherapy can help you on your journey back to health by initiating a RESET, and by communicating to your subconscious mind a clear directive for a HEALTHY future. Visualisations work and have been proven over 20 years of treatment of Aids & cancer patients to significantly shorten recovery times.

Genome Healing  -there are new quantum field techniques to work with different illness including but not limited to coeliac, irritable bowel syndrome, endometreosis, fibro myalgia, eczema and other chronic or auto immune conditions. These processes recalibrate the information blueprint at cellular and DNA level so your cells, organs, glands and immune response can run off a new healthier and harmonious blueprint.

Why not try it out. The processes are drug free and allows you to release former labels and conditions in an instant.

Pricing & Duration:
Sessions take around 2 hours the first time, 1.5 hours thereafter. The cost is A$ 195 for the first session.  You can call me beforehand on 0412 362338 to discuss and explore if this is the right method for you, phone consultation is free.

  • A month ago, we had a long session, aiming to free me of terrifying recurring nightmares, which had plagued me for countless years. I am pleased to report that, since that day, I have not experienced any such dramas, and do feel free from a burden, now well and truly behind me. Thank you for this life changing gift, thanks to your care, hard work, subtle intuition, sharp intellect and expertise. Sebastien

  • Thank you so much for the stiff neck acupoint, after Qi gong on Saturday, my neck, back and shoulder have been cleared. It's amazing, even a miracle.

  • After our last session, I noticed a reduction in the symptoms of anxiety at the workplace. There is more resilience within me. Panic attacks have reduced. The 17 years of being in a constant terrorised state had put my amygdala and body off track, its slowly finding its way back.

  • Julia remained kind and calm throughout the entire session, never pressuring me or trying to influence my thoughts. She let me proceed at my own pace. SS.

  • Its been a month since you taught me the breathing exercise, and I remember to do the breathing exercise when I drive, watch TV, do work etc.... I see my body toning up. My stomach is firm and flatter. I feel much more energy.

  • The session was moving, enlightening. It gave me relief and possibilities.

  • Julia introduced us to a delightful collection of activities to raise our awareness of the multifaceted nature of brain function and the reassurance of potential for change/ improvement.  Her course revolved around practical activities, but included a compilation of literature and brief DVD clips that provided insights into how we can best support our brain’s functioning.

  • I enjoyed the class.    I found the readings inspiring - as you have written, they give hope and empowerment.  I enjoyed the games the most. . . getting out of my head is always good and having to do new and different things was very good.

  • I am loving your classes and feel so mentally alert after them, and I feel like something is awakening deep inside me as well as my brain!

  • Thank you for a most beautiful session. I left feeling very relaxed, refreshed and revitalised. What stood out for me is the enduring power of love across all dimensions of time and space, and the omnipresence of Divine Love permeating all that is. It was wonderful that my calling and mission here on earth were affirmed in such a powerful way.

  • Thankyou Julia, I love your Qigong classes. I originally started them to improve my core strength, but as the weeks went by I noticed a change in many other things. I am a chronic sinus sufferer, which comes hand in hand with a sluggish lymphatic system. WOW the release with my sinuses has been incredible I no longer suffer every day with headaches and painful swelling of the glands, I am so so happy I found Qi gong.

  • Just a little feedback while the experience is still fresh. The process of energy building was very uplifting, so that experience on its own is worthwhile. Following the session, my energy levels increased slightly and somehow this has given me a sense of invigoration and confidence - very positive outcome.

  • Thank you Julia for an amazing session yesterday. You are a wonderful therapist and an extremely knowledgeable one. I'm so glad to have met you. It's as though the Qigong classes have opened something up within me. Who would have thought!

  • I am simply falling in love with Qigong and the way you teach it is all part of my wonderful experience so thank you again

  • The Past Lives Regression gave me understanding why certain things have happened, giving context, and then reframing. Thank you for helping me accept and see the story and how it fits with this life.

  • I received very clear imagery about my current life and offered images that I will continue to work with. Julia was very informative, safe, gentle and fascinating.

  • The session helped get me through a traumatic experience I had as a child - almost drowned at the beach (...) I really didn't know what to expect or if it would work for me, and now I feel very grateful I did this. My heart is open again.

  • I found the reason why I am here, what I should do in the future. I feel totally relaxed.

    Harminder S
  • I was able to access a place within me that my conscious mind knows exists, but does not know how to find. Just knowing that I can (now) return to this place provides a deep sense of equanimity that I can answer / explore any question I put to my Higher Self.

  • I didn't have any physical sensations of giving up smoking, It freed me from smoking and I haven't had any urge to smoke since. It works!

  • I feel more centred, empowered and hope filled now than I have in a long time. The session was well due and worth all time, energy and dollar - many times over.

  • Well thought out, well planned, well considered, compassionate & precise.

  • The session has given me insight into memories I had no recollection of. It's fascinating how it all ties together - I've had a release of emotion I feel relaxed and peaceful and enlightened and intrigued all at the same time.

  • The work you did with me has definitely produced a major shift. I am able to function in the so called world with greater clarity, peace and strength. Thank you sooooo much.

    Lily M
  • My experience today has shown me the ability to reach a higher level of consciousness and I have a clearer understanding of eliminating pain and sadness.

    Lorraine A
  • The session helped me understand why I sometimes feel the way that I do, because of my past lives. It was very relaxing and I learnt lots about myself.

    Tim H
  • I highly recommend this. It helped me with some blockages that I had carried perhaps for many lifetimes.

    Veronica R
  • Julia has the talent of making one feel genuinely comfortable and at ease... the work that she is doing is to the ultimate benefit of humanity... Shine the Light!

    Charley P
  • The session has helped me with letting go, opening up, understanding why I feel hurt and how to heal that hurt

    Fiona T
  • The session has given me insights into what patterns I might be repeating in this lifetime that might be holding me back... It was a truly fascinating and interesting experience.