“There is a point of conscious energy hidden in the center, and that point of awareness contains the whole cosmos, space, and the universe.”  Liu Yiming

Improve Health, Wellness & Balance with Qigong and Taichi

Qigong and Taichi teach how to plug into universal energies  – connect with the Tao – Flow  – Enhance the Life Force (chi or Qi) – Cultivate the 3 Treasures; Spirit Heart Body  – Access Healing and Protective Energies within

Drawing on the flowing health exercises of Qigong, an ancient Chinese Taoist system for recuperation and regeneration of health, Julia Chai offers beautiful classes to open, unblock your internal energy flows, & harmonise with those of the universe. The forms taught include Yangstyle 24 Taichi, Wild Goose, 8 Brocades, Guigen (Return to Source) Dragon Daoyin, and Animal Play. Julia has practiced Qigong and Taichi for over 15 years and loves teaching the unique flowing system that harmonises the energetic, emotional, physical and mental aspects. For details of classes please call 0412 362338. Classes cost $20 for casual attendance or $15 if purchased in blocks of 5.Details of regular classes are below. Julia also teaches private 1 on 1 classes and is available to facilitate Mind Body Wellness at corporate seminars and workshops.  Energetic clearing services (quantum touch, pranic & distance healing) are also available.

Align & Reconnect

Sherwood  – Fridays 9am

Taichi & Qigong for seniors @

Sherwood Arbour Retirement Home


taichi in nature

 Orleigh Park – Saturday (Restart Sept 21)9:00 – 10:15 am under Fig Tree cr Hill End Tce/ Montague Rd ($15 per class)

BCC sponsored Gold Classes

Monday 9:00 am Boyd Park, Brookfield

Wednesdays 9:00 am Guyatt Park, St Lucia

Demonstration & Teaching Videos

  • Its been a month since you taught me the breathing exercise, and I remember to do the breathing exercise when I drive, watch TV, do work etc.... I see my body toning up. My stomach is firm and flatter. I feel much more energy.

  • Thank you Julia for an amazing session yesterday. You are a wonderful therapist and an extremely knowledgeable one. I'm so glad to have met you. It's as though the Qigong classes have opened something up within me. Who would have thought!

  • Thankyou Julia, I love your Qigong classes. I originally started them to improve my core strength, but as the weeks went by I noticed a change in many other things. I am a chronic sinus sufferer, which comes hand in hand with a sluggish lymphatic system. WOW the release with my sinuses has been incredible I no longer suffer every day with headaches and painful swelling of the glands, I am so so happy I found Qi gong.

  • Thank you so much for the stiff neck acupoint, after Qi gong on Saturday, my neck, back and shoulder have been cleared. It's amazing, even a miracle.

  • Just a little feedback while the experience is still fresh. The process of energy building was very uplifting, so that experience on its own is worthwhile. Following the session, my energy levels increased slightly and somehow this has given me a sense of invigoration and confidence - very positive outcome.