“As a result of the session I realized that the past was not bad and a waste,

but a learning curve taking me to where I am. Thanks.” – Peter

“Thank you Julia, for a fabulous Breathing Alignment workshop yesterday. I got a lot out of it.” – Helen

“It’s been amazing, I was expecting the experience to be short lived .. but my breathing remains enhanced ..  it is really encouraging because I know that the more I work with it the greater my results.” G


Julia Chai

Minds Ease

julia@mindsease.com.au or tel: 0412 362338  Happy to chat no obligation


Saturday 23.2.2019, 2- 5pm, Investment $50

Spiritual Church Brisbane, 228 Boundary Street, Spring Hill

“All the forces that created you are at your disposal. We have simply forgotten our rights of access to these. We have the power to activate the forces of Healing in our Inner Verse.”