“As a result of the session I realized that the past was not bad and a waste,

but a learning curve taking me to where I am. Thanks.” – Peter

“Thank you Julia, for a fabulous Breathing Alignment workshop yesterday. I got a lot out of it.” – Helen

“It’s been amazing, I was expecting the experience to be short lived .. but my breathing remains enhanced ..  it is really encouraging because I know that the more I work with it the greater my results.” G


Julia Chai

Minds Ease

julia@mindsease.com.au or tel: 0412 362338  Happy to chat no obligation


Saturday 24 August 2019, 2- 5pm, Investment $50

Spiritual Church Brisbane, 228 Boundary Street, Spring Hill

Our mind was born of the stars, our molecules contain star dust, and each of us has a special affinity and perhaps a buried memory of living in different planetary realms.  We can use our cosmic interconnectivity to calibrate into the planets’ frequencies and consciousness.