Clarity can only be found by going within.

Life Purpose

Before we enter this world in human form, a plan is conceived for this lifetime. The lessons we need to master, the challenges we are to face. The people we will meet, who will teach us. What we will contribute to the evolution of human consciousness.

How do I recall my life purpose?

Knowledge of the plan can be accessed via a guided meditation using a process developed in the 1970s by US physicians and psychologists Dr B. Weiss, M. Newton and Dr H. Wambach.

When you are in a relaxed state memories from your early childhood can be accessed, as far back as the first few months after your conception. At this stage you are still pure and unaffected by the expectations and emotions of your family and society.

By way of active dialogue with your subconscious it is possible to remember why you chose this time, place, gender and family to be born. Also what aspects of yourself you have chosen to develop in this life.

The process takes approximately 2 hours and is conducted in a relaxed and comfortable environment.

What are the Benefits?

  • Recall your Life Mission, clarify the lessons to be mastered
  • Paradigm Shift: Gain insights and a shift in perception as to the challenges facing you
  • Set a clear agenda for the future
  • Obtain guidance and support from those helping you


Try it for yourself!

Pricing & Duraton: 1 on 1 sessions take around 2 hours and can be conducted over Skype or at my practice. The cost is A$ 195 per session at my practice.

For interstate & international clients; you can experience a past life exploration from the comfort of your home. all you need is a quiet room, a laptop or pc, headset, microphone and internet connection.

There is a Purpose to your Life and the circumstances in which you find yourself.

The knowledge of this purpose is stored in Your Subconscious. This Knowledge can be accessed in trance. You don’t need to go into a coma to have a near Death Experience.

There are many clues to what your life purpose is. This session will help you put it all together for clarity & purpose.

Clarity can only be found by going within!

  • A month ago, we had a long session, aiming to free me of terrifying recurring nightmares, which had plagued me for countless years. I am pleased to report that, since that day, I have not experienced any such dramas, and do feel free from a burden, now well and truly behind me. Thank you for this life changing gift, thanks to your care, hard work, subtle intuition, sharp intellect and expertise. Sebastien

  • Thank you so much for the stiff neck acupoint, after Qi gong on Saturday, my neck, back and shoulder have been cleared. It's amazing, even a miracle.

  • After our last session, I noticed a reduction in the symptoms of anxiety at the workplace. There is more resilience within me. Panic attacks have reduced. The 17 years of being in a constant terrorised state had put my amygdala and body off track, its slowly finding its way back.

  • Julia remained kind and calm throughout the entire session, never pressuring me or trying to influence my thoughts. She let me proceed at my own pace. SS.

  • Its been a month since you taught me the breathing exercise, and I remember to do the breathing exercise when I drive, watch TV, do work etc.... I see my body toning up. My stomach is firm and flatter. I feel much more energy.

  • The session was moving, enlightening. It gave me relief and possibilities.

  • Julia introduced us to a delightful collection of activities to raise our awareness of the multifaceted nature of brain function and the reassurance of potential for change/ improvement.  Her course revolved around practical activities, but included a compilation of literature and brief DVD clips that provided insights into how we can best support our brain’s functioning.

  • I enjoyed the class.    I found the readings inspiring - as you have written, they give hope and empowerment.  I enjoyed the games the most. . . getting out of my head is always good and having to do new and different things was very good.

  • I am loving your classes and feel so mentally alert after them, and I feel like something is awakening deep inside me as well as my brain!

  • Thank you for a most beautiful session. I left feeling very relaxed, refreshed and revitalised. What stood out for me is the enduring power of love across all dimensions of time and space, and the omnipresence of Divine Love permeating all that is. It was wonderful that my calling and mission here on earth were affirmed in such a powerful way.