Each of us looks out into the world, wondering what it is all about. Why, wherefore, and to what purpose? These answers all lie within.


Welcome to my website.


Here you can find more about me, as a hypnotherapist, time travel facilitator, quantum healer, Taichi, and Qigong teacher. We are actors, directors, and scriptwriters of the play of our life.  If you need help changing the story of your life, I can help you.

My Services

hypnotherapy_1, Remedial Hypnosis & NLP Facilitator

Remedial Hypnosis & NLP (Neurolinguistic Programming)

  • Release Phobias, Fears & Anxieties out of your life
  • Overcome depression & trauma
  • Free up your body, heart & soul
  • Activate Healing
  • Beat Addictions

In sessions with me, you are able to connect to the subconscious part of your mind. emotions, reactions, cravings, and anxiety are simply programmed responses.

All programming can be changed or deleted. You have free will and your subconscious mind respects your decisions. It simply is a case of knowing how to engage with your subconscious and work with it. Let me be your remedial hypnosis & NLP facilitator.

  • I didn't have any physical sensations of giving up smoking, It freed me from smoking and I haven't had any urge to smoke since. It works!

  • I feel more centred, empowered and hope filled now than I have in a long time. The session was well due and worth all time, energy and dollar - many times over.

  • Well thought out, well planned, well considered, compassionate & precise.

  • The session has given me insight into memories I had no recollection of. It's fascinating how it all ties together - I've had a release of emotion I feel relaxed and peaceful and enlightened and intrigued all at the same time.



Past Lives & Between Lives Exploration

Find out who you truly are, and what you are capable of!

Your consciousness is pure light energy and multidimensional. it can access memories of childhood, previous lives and the space between lives.

I am trained to safely facilitate:

  • Exploration of Past Lives, Parallel Lives, & Life Purpose
  • Release of oaths, vows, affiliations, curses, pain and trauma from past lives, or parallel lives
  • visit to the space between lives, where you can connect with your soul group, the oversoul, spirit guides, spirit animals, ascended masters & archangels.
  • The work you did with me has definitely produced a major shift. I am able to function in the so called world with greater clarity, peace and strength. Thank you sooooo much.

    Lily M
  • My experience today has shown me the ability to reach a higher level of consciousness and I have a clearer understanding of eliminating pain and sadness.

    Lorraine A
  • The session helped me understand why I sometimes feel the way that I do, because of my past lives. It was very relaxing and I learnt lots about myself.

    Tim H
  • I highly recommend this. It helped me with some blockages that I had carried perhaps for many lifetimes.

    Veronica R
  • Julia has the talent of making one feel genuinely comfortable and at ease... the work that she is doing is to the ultimate benefit of humanity... Shine the Light!

    Charley P
  • The session has helped me with letting go, opening up, understanding why I feel hurt and how to heal that hurt

    Fiona T
  • The session has given me insights into what patterns I might be repeating in this lifetime that might be holding me back... It was a truly fascinating and interesting experience.


pastlives_1b, Remedial Hypnosis & NLP Facilitator

Recall Your Life Purpose

There is a Purpose to your Life and the circumstances in which you find yourself.

The knowledge of this purpose is stored in Your Subconscious. This Knowledge can be accessed in trance. You don’t need to go into a coma to have a near Death Experience.

There are many clues to what your life purpose is. This session will help you put it all together for clarity & purpose.

Clarity can only be found by going within. Its your life, your truth, your path.

  • I received very clear imagery about my current life and offered images that I will continue to work with. Julia was very informative, safe, gentle and fascinating.

  • The session helped get me through a traumatic experience I had as a child - almost drowned at the beach (...) I really didn't know what to expect or if it would work for me, and now I feel very grateful I did this. My heart is open again.

  • I found the reason why I am here, what I should do in the future. I feel totally relaxed.

    Harminder S
  • I was able to access a place within me that my conscious mind knows exists, but does not know how to find. Just knowing that I can (now) return to this place provides a deep sense of equanimity that I can answer / explore any question I put to my Higher Self.


Qigong_1b, Remedial Hypnosis & NLP Facilitator

Improve Health, Wellness & Balance with Qigong

Breathe, Center & Align. Health is Wealth.

Julia Chai, a remedial hypnosis & NLP Facilitator, teaches the flowing health and wellness exercises of Taichi, and Qigong, an ancient Chinese Taoist system for recuperation and regeneration of health.

She offers beautiful classes to open, unlock your internal energy flows, & harmonize with those of the universe.  1 on 1 class are offered for those with chronic conditions, such as diabetes, Parkinsons disease, or arthritis   Quantum Touch and Pranic Healing sessions are also available to clear energetic blocks in your Qi (life force field)

Family Constellations

FAMILY CONSTELLATIONS & upcoming workshops

Family Constellations Workshop Saturday 3 August & 5 October

2-5pm @ Quaker House, Kelvin Grove

On a regular basis a group of us get together and clear repeating energy patterns from our families.  The method used is Family Constellations, a three dimensional group process that has the power to shift generations of suffering and unhappiness, and free the youngest generation of sabotaging patterns.   The process is featured in the Netflix series “Another Self”.  

RSVP julia@mindsease.com.au