What a year it’s been! Brexit and Trump made such an impact on the collective psyche its almost hard to remember what happened before that. All of a sudden pulling a card titled ‘Abysmal’ or “Revolution” from the I-ching divination system  seem spot on. Here is what the cards say;



Only when you learn from danger will you triumph over it.


Revolutionary Change (K’o)

Choose the right moment for acting and the base for great innovation by careful observation of events. Perseverance brings success


The image of the hexagram K’an is that of water: water falling from the heavens, water coursing over the earth in streams, water collecting itself in pure and silent pools. This image is meant to teach us how to conduct ourselves in trying situations.

By growing used to what is dangerous, a man can easily allow it to become part of him. He is familiar with it and grows used to evil. With this he has lost the right way, and misfortune is the natural result.

If we flow through them, staying true to what is pure and innocent in ourselves, we escape danger and reach a place of quiet refuge and good fortune

Those whose hearts and minds are kept pure and innocent relate properly to all events, understand their cosmic meaning, and flow through them with the strength, clarity, and brilliance of pure water.

Fire and Lake are in conflict.

The juxtaposed elements of this hexagram are fire under water. Fire evaporates water, and water puts out fire. Similarly, change often causes conflict; conflict brings about change. This hexagram refers to a time in the cycle of human affairs when things are stirring up, and when the hint of dramatic changes is in the air.

Hexagram 49 symbolizes the ability to cause a great change either in the personal life or in the lives of others. Before jumping on this opportunity, methods for change should be understood in order to gain knowledge of which will cause the most desired effects.

In order for a great change to take place, we first rid ourselves of anything that might be working against us to hold us back from this type of progression. Closing the doors to all conflict and finding solutions to problems will help spring a person forward into success. There is no weakness in recognizing the need to change.

So may we be as pure as water. To help you reconnect to Flow State, I have put together a short 10 minute video with my favourite hand mudras from Qigong and meditations. I call them collectively ‘Body Talk’ as I have noticed that when people are in trance or in unity state with body soul and mind, that the fingers begin responding and making their own (involuntary) movements.  Its almost as if the body has its own internal communication system.  I find these mudras act quickly and effectively to reset the internal system and raise vibrations of your light body.  I hope you enjoy them and have opportunity to try them out in challenging situations. Without challenges to test us, we wouldn’t know who we really are, or what we are really capable of.