The unbearable load of fear

Fear contracts. We all experience fear. Fear is like nails in our etheric body. We contract around that issue, our grip tightens, and our breath becomes shorter. In extreme cases the muscles or the joints that are affected lock up and proper circulation of the blood and the lymph fluid and the energy in that area is impeded, leading to long term damage. Chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia and anxiety disorders are but a few.

jar1, Hypnotherapy

If we have reason to believe that the situation in which we first experienced fear may repeat itself, we take action to avoid it or- if it cannot be physically avoided, by detaching ourselves. Anything from stuffing ourselves with food, so we are so full we are beyond feeling, to developing wilful deafness or blindness (denial). Some of us prefer the pre-emptive strike approach, taking hyper-defensive action before we end up in a situation where we are condemned to be the one who was wrong, or gets hurt again…


In some cases, we live with this fear for so long that it becomes second nature, and we have completely forgotten what brought it about in the first place. We just become the hardened, cynical bodyguards.   The fear or pain has become embedded deep below the surface.

But for the body, and for the psyche, it gets tiring after a while, guarding the fear. Studies have also shown that spending too much time in the Fight & Flight state takes away from the time that the body spends in regenerative healing mode. If prolonged, overall anxiety and stress levels rise.

Hypnotherapy – To release the fear, we have to let go of whatever caused the fear to enter us in the first place. We can always let go of the impression it made upon us, which is pain or hurt. As we let go of the pain or hurt, the other by-product protector emotions, such as anger, resentment, anxiety, or cynicism are also released. By letting go we become free to flow and express ourselves unimpeded again, like water around rocks.

rocks, Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy works with the awakening of your consciousness and directly with your body cells to release that which has been buried far beneath the surface. When you find yourself acting inexplicably irrationally, or re-acting completely out of character, then you know a fear deep within has been triggered through this hypnotherapy process.

You can rewind to identify the trigger and observe the thought forms attached to that situation by hypnotherapy. Then, staying fully present, check in with the knowing part of yourself, and evaluate if the conclusion that you came to in the original situation still rings true for you. Also, review whether you would like to continue operating hypnotherapy in the future on the basis of that conclusion.

You will be surprised. As children, we make sweeping conclusions, such as “Nobody loves me.” Or “Everyone is better than me.” “I never win.” Or “You can’t trust girls/ boys.” These conclusions get logged in and your subconscious in its role of keeping you safe and in your comfort zone then steers you through life choosing a course that will stop you from colliding with a repeat of that situation again. Simon and Garfunkel’s song “I am a Rock” exemplifies this strategy.

However, as we all know there is a cost to running through life with an etheric sack full of embedded nails and rocks. It causes a lot of sharp pain, clashing, stumbling, and falling.

We all undertake regular spring cleans of our houses and service our cars. Perhaps it is time to spring clean your internal inventory. Simply go within, and ask to be shown where fear or hurt lives in you, and in which part of the body it lives. Then wait and breathe, monitoring your internal world. Whatever comes to the surface, stay centered in your heart, and do not judge or condemn or shrink away from what surfaces.

Breathe, assess how it is affecting that part of the body that it lives in, and then decide if you want to keep or release it. Then observe and stay present, as your decision is implemented by your subconscious. Breathing, shaking, flicking, or gently flowing movements through that physical area while you stay present encourages your cells to completely release their grip on the pain or hurt.

Finally, spend some time envisaging what energy you would like to replace the pain or hurt with. Joy, freedom, colored energy, fragrance, health, well-being, and serenity are a few examples. See it, feel, it experience it. This makes the transition real for your body as any actual experience trumps a thought. And it only takes 1.5 minutes of focus on a concept to create an actual biochemical experience that matches that concept. Once the cells are flooded with the new experience you know they have let go of the old experience. And then you can smile, and move on, free of the unbearable load of that old fear or hurt.