“Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate”

Carl Gustav Jung

timetravellerfilmThe benefit of hindsight is amazing. If I’d known what I was getting myself into when I signed up to for a course to learn hypnosis, to be honest, I probably would have had the kittens.

Instead, I told my father “a girl’s got to have an adventure sometime” and flew down to Sydney to attend the course. Never mind that I am a woman in her 40s with two children and a dog that barks all day when left on his own.

Many practice and client sessions later,  I am able to take stock and look back. The start was a steep learning and practicing curve, peopled by family members, friends and neighbours who agreed to let me practice on them. Memorable scenes include me incanting slowly and steadily the words “You are feeling calm, serene and at peace” in the face of a grown up nephew helplessly giggling at the sight of his aunt trying to put him into a trance. I gave up and joined the giggling fit. One neighbour battled buzzing and biting mosquitoes as I exhorted her to give up smoking, while other volunteers slipped so quickly into such a deep relaxed trance state that it took me 10 minutes to notice that they’d fallen sound asleep.

As a child, I loved reading Sherlock Holmes stories. It fascinated me how tiny details, such as a frayed shirt cuff or a misplaced object could lead Sherlock Holmes on a trail of deductions leading right up to identifying the murderer.

I went on to work in investigations myself, in the corporate field rather than murder; investigating trails of missing funds, allegations of fraud, corruption & bribery and people’s backgrounds – specifically whether they really had obtained the qualification they stated on their cv, or worked at the level of responsibility represented etc. Over ten years of such activity, I learnt two things;

1) Life is always stranger than fiction; (one day I would be reading an investment proposition drawn up by a general manager in his spare time for a swingers club offering 25% in investment returns; another I would have a Texan graduate return from a field investigation to report that the hormone replacement factory visited in a remote part of the country was actually a horse farm run by the military, with the urine of pregnant mares being harvested for the hormones (the factory was not located in Australia).

2) a fraudster or conman is successful because they trick you into thinking they can give you what you want.


Now, I still investigate, but the field of investigation is the Subconscious mind. This part of our mind contains memories that have immense power; comparable to the submerged iceberg against which the Titanic sank. Instead of a PC,  time travel hypnosis is my tool  – to unearth the source of depression, anxiety, jealousy, anger, dependence or to whatever other ‘issue’ is. And in the process,  (also called Past Lives Regression), we uncover the events that led to the overwhelming emotion or belief that is holding them back. Thus for example,

A 19 year old bride stands with her mother in front of a mirror having her hair brushed. The wedding is only an hour away. The bride is excited as she is so much in love with her fiancée. This is the most wonderful day for her. Suddenly there is agitation outside, and a family member arrives with tragic news – the fiancée’s vehicle has swerved off the cliffs on the way in, and he is dead. The bride breaks down. She wears the wedding dress for weeks, months and years in grief. She never learns how to laugh again in that life – she does not understand why this happened to her, why he had to go, and leave her -alone.

Many years later, in my session, she connects with the groom. He shows her what happened on the day; how he swerved to avoid a girl on a bicycle coming from the opposite direction. So it was not that he was leaving the bride when he left this earthly plane, it was that he was giving up his life to save another. That girl on the bicycle is my client’s sister in this life.

It’s a sunny day, and a three year old toddler is exploring the garden around his home. There is a beautiful green bush and the toddler crawls under it – a sound that he does not recognise attracts him. The sound comes from something that is yellow and brown and moving around on the ground. Curious, the child reaches a finger out to touch that living buzzing thing. It’s a bee, and it stings him. The child cries in pain, not understanding why.

From that day on the child becomes cautious about touching the unknown. This continues on into his adulthood, and making commitments for long relationships seems far harder for him than for his contemporaries. It is only when he re-members this incident, that he is able to place the feelings in context and free himself from this over-cautiousness.

An aboriginal hunter in his 40s is shot from behind in the left shoulder as he flees settlers who come in to take his land. The wound does not kill him. The man, his wife and children leave their home and search for a new place. However the family is unable to find a new place to settle in. They are not welcome anywhere. Slowly and gradually, the children fall sick and die. The mother is distressed and inconsolable, and follows them soon after. The father is desolate, and decides to end it all one day by jumping off a cliff to his death. There is nothing left to live for.

Upon remembering these scenes from the past, the woman understands where the inexplicable chronic shoulder pain just under the left originated from. She also understands her own ambivalence about moving to Australia from abroad, and her own drive to make sure there is enough money in the bank for her family to survive on. The shoulder pain disappeared once this memory had been brought up to surface and released.

Now, I am able to walk into a room full of people I have only just met and, using time travel hypnosis, guide them into the space beyond time, also referred to as Dream Time, where they can access guidance, connect with Loved ones, explore past lives, future options, and heal their emotional bodies. And these journeys are momentous, breathtaking and redeeming.

The fraudsters are still around – those external suggestions or beliefs that feed our insecurities, that we are not with it unless we have the latest gadget, or that we have to be on the top of a pile because “it’s a jungle” and that “there’s not enough around”.

Sometimes you have to dig deep to get to the Truth of who you are, where you’ve been, and where you are going.