Here are quality CDs and mp3s from MINDS EASE for you to meditate, reach that Zone where All is Well, and work with your subconscious mind and the quantum field in the comfort of your own home. The tracks have been recorded by Julia Chai, a professional hypnotherapist dedicated to helping people on their quest for Health & Wellness.


Release Anxiety

31 Minutes Guided Meditation

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Anxiety is a state of Being. If it was a colour, what colour would you associate it with? Just as you can choose what colours you wear today, or which TV channel  to watch, so too you can change the state of Being you wish to be in. The mind can be reprogrammed to Break Free from anxiety as a habit. This guided meditation is a bridge to transition into peace, calm and equilibrium. Find serenity in mind and heart with this process.

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Activate Healing

28 Minutes Healing Activation Process, 1 hour music (Rapture)

When we are sick our thoughts and attention is focussed on the state of being ill. However what we pay attention to grows, and doctors and friends unwittingly reinforce the feedback loop of something being wrong with you. It is therefore better to focus on feeling well and on getting better. This guided meditation initiates a process of Activating Healing in your body. Allow angelic guides and beings of Light to help you – they cannot help you unless you ask them and open up to receive. This track will provide the space and forum for you to receive their assistance.

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DNA codes for Chakra Clearing

Set of 16 codes for main chakra plus a grounding code and a code for releasing anxiety and tension. Channeled by Marilyn Caflish from Archangel Melchizidek in 2017 for this new dimension. We have used these codes in meditations and healing circles and everyone feels the frequencies rise immensely. Very good for healers therapists to use at start of session to raise the frequency levels and tap into the higher centers.


Stop Smoking

29 Minutes

Want to become Smoke Free? Override old patterning and cravings by listening to this track every day for 21 days.  Your subconscious will then get the message that you are going to be well and healthy, and co-operate with you so you can ditch the old habit freely and easily.

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Sleep Soundly

20 minutes guided journey into deep sound and restful sleep

Sleep is a wonderful time to detach from the external world, return to the center of your being and rest. This guided meditation will relax your mind, release tensions in your body, so that you feel cosy, comfortable and supported. In this state sleep can come easily, smoothly and naturally.

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Quiet Mind – Stillness

16 Minutes guided meditation, 27 minutes healing music

Return to the center of “I Am”.  Use this track to detach from the myriad things that vie for your attention from the outside world ( “the origin of suffering is in attachment”).  Take time out for yourself, and return to the fullness of your Inner Presence.  Sink into your body. Allow your mind to rest, and become centered, and free. In this state of peace and calm creative solutions can be found.  In this state of Being you reclaim clarity and vitality.

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