I thought I was invincible. Then suddenly I wasn’t. On a sunny Queensland morning two weeks ago I came crashing off my bike, hit the pavement like a seal, chin scraping the concrete. The rest of the body followed, with ribs No, 5, 6 and 7 cracking on impact.  Midair my consciousness checked out, before my body crashed to the ground.

When I came to, I was on the pavement, looking up at 3 cyclists cheerily discussing the accidents they had survived on the same steep stretch.  A fit capable woman in lycra, who was also a surfclub lifesaver asked me whether I knew what day it was. “Thursday.”  That was her way of checking whether I had concussion. They kindly guarded and monitored me until an ambulance whisked me off to the Royal Brisbane Womens Hospital.

On a bed in ER the atmosphere was remarkably calm, unlike the scenes in TV shows. A man in overalls was painting the opposite wall a teal colour. A rottweiler on a leash came to visit the hospital patients.  The choice of a rottweiler as a hospital cheerer up amused me.  The dog was in fact very calm but not interested in me.  Somewhere a few curtains away, a man retched. A close friend who had been cycling with me was by my side and took care of the hospital admin procedures for me.

As a young handsome trainee doctor in ironed shirt and Melbournite leather shoes bent over to sew up my split chin, my body shook uncontrollably.  Wave after wave of tremors moved through my deep core. Panic layered itself in my mind.  I intuited that administering to my chin was akin to attending  to peripheral damage –the main pain I was experiencing was concentrated in the bruised tissue under my ribs.  To be fair to the hospital staff, I had walked into the ER, talked coherently, and declined pain killers, as the pain was tolerable.  The electronic feedback on my vitals presented a fairly regular soundscape.  On the surface I presented as if there was nothing wrong with me except for a shock and a split chin.

Yet inside me, my body intelligence highlighted the sensation of liquid dribbling down internally in the damaged area under the middle ribs, where the handlebar had pushed in. In a flash I recalled that our beloved family pet cocker spaniel had died from a ruptured spleen.   The thought that this might be about to happen to me- completely freaked me out.  My body shook uncontrollably, and the face of the supervising doctor began to show concern.  He proceeded to arrange a CT scan and Xray scan to be undertaken. In the meantime, realising the seriousness of the situation, I switched from passive to pro-active, and invoked  Archangel Raphael and the Spirit Doctor Team for healing help.  I pleaded with them to do what they could for me. Immediately the sensation of the Archangel’s strong and loving presence calmed me. On the periphery I sensed the Spirit Doctors commencing their etheric intervention and giving me the thumbs up. After a few minutes Archangel Raphael let me know that they had stopped the internal bleeding and that I would be ok. Only then did I have a deep feeling of internal calm. The organ that had been dripping felt plumper and more centered. The shaking stopped.

Three hours later the doctor communicated the results which showed lacerations to my spleen and 3 cracked ribs.  The look of respect on his face for me was noticeable.  I guess few people really know where their organs are, and can tune into them, as we do in qigong and the cellular healing practices.

A week later, as I write this account, the purpose is to distill the learnings. Over the years I have learnt that life throws you a curveball, there is inevitably a life lesson packaged within the experience. To not take the time to unpack it, and integrate it, is to simply sign up for a Round 2 lesson of the same nature.

So what was my lesson? The first is “Not to look back while moving forward” which is what I did just as I started rolling down a steep hill, and this had skewed my balance. The second is to “immediately attend to things that are not working.”  My handlebar had been loose in their joint, for a week or so.  On that morning as I leaned onto the handlebar to correct the wobble caused by looking back- it twisted forward instead, causing my bodyweight to fall forwards onto the bike and bring everything crashing down.

Thirdly, calling on the angels and spirit doctors really works!  They can make a magical difference easily, all we have to do is ask.

Last but not least, I learnt that I am surrounded and supported by a loving family and partner that flew to my side immediately, as well as friends and students that were very understanding, sympathetic, sent me wonderful healing energies, and went out of their way to help me. I experienced what it is like to be at the receiving end of a Healing Circle, vulnerable and cracked.

As a result of all the energetic healing assistance, I was able to restart teaching after a week of rest.  I was able to move my body on the cracked side 2 days after the accidents and I found out that my partner makes me laugh a lot, which is a good portent for a joint future. (When you have broken ribs sneezing, coughing and laughing is pretty painful).  Since breaking my ribs everyone has been sharing their stories of broken bones as an adult, and by gosh it’s a pretty common occurrence.  As we move through heightened stake times, it is easy to let the collective wobbliness and tension to get to us. Nevertheless as we break things, the new emerges.  Here is wishing for a better, more unified, harmonious and respectful future for all of us.

P.S. if you would like to experience the Spirit Doctors, contact Christa Gow (via the Salisbury Boundary St Church). If you would like help connecting with the angelic realm, book a session with myself or Marilyn Caflisch.