I still remember reading one of Deepak Chopra’s books and being amazed at learning that no part of my body is older than 10 years old. The precise age of the cells varies depending on what part of your body they make up. Skin cells regenerate themselves every 2-3 weeks. The cells of a liver reportedly have a life span of 150 days; the lung renews itself within a year, and bones grow continuously. Only brain cells are exempted and do not renew although they retain plasticity. However, when I look in the mirror, I see the face of a 45-year-old looking back at me. So if no cell is older than 10 years old, why do I still appear old?

Essentially it boils down to “Thoughts, expectation and vibrational frequencies shape your reality.”

Biologists explain that we are not one separate entity, but rather a community made up of 50 trillion cells. They have different life cycles depending on what part of your body they have agreed to play, and before they die, they pass on the cell memories of the cell to the new generation. So what shapes these cell memories?

Each living cell has intelligence and sensory capabilities. They are able to read energy fields. Receptor proteins within the cells not only read physical energy signatures of incoming molecules of hormones or foreign bodies but also respond to vibrational energy fields such as light, sound and radio frequencies. Certain vibrational energy signatures can cause protein receptors to change shape, signalling a change in the cell’s environment. The information is then passed on and a biological response results. In the words of Dr Bruce Lipton, “biological behaviour can be controlled by invisible forces, including thought, as well as (…) by physical molecules like penicillin.”

Kinesiology measures the biological response of a body to external stimuli via the strength of your muscular response. Psychiatrist Dr. John Diamond discovered that different images, paintings, music, games and material affect the body. For example, he found that classical music makes people’s muscle hold be strong, while rap music on average generates a weakened hold. Similarly, synthetic clothing reduces muscle strength compared to natural fibres. The implications of Dr. Diamond’s work were profound: Everything we interact with either strengthens or weakens our life energy.

Visually, Masuro Emoto’s work in photographing water molecules that have been frozen after being subjected to vibrational energies caused by thought forms or music present most clearly the impact of thought or vibrational signature in changing the shape of the water molecule and leaving an imprint.

cell memories

In the pictures you will see that some of the vibrational signatures, such as “Thank You”, “You make me sick” and “Love & Appreciation” relate to what we would term as emotions, or intent. As it happens, just like music, different emotions have different vibrational frequencies. Commonly we refer to unhappiness, or a depressed state as a “low” while an emotion such as ‘joy’ or ‘excitement’ is experiences as a “high”.

Studies show conclusively that different emotions have a direct impact on the levels of immunity in your body. All other external environmental factors being equal, positive thinking and an optimistic outlook lead to prolonged feelings of well being and better health.

Although initially levels of stress were thought to be the main factor that correlated to illness, research on Aids patients who suffer from lowered immunity systems, show that there is a link between shocks to the psyche, prolonged negative emotions and a lower immune response against disease.  A study in Finland examined the health records of 96,000 widowed people and found that their probability of dying doubled in the week after losing their partner. In Australia, dairy farmers know that if you separate a mother cow from her calf too early, the mother is highly likely to develop mastitis in her udder in response to the shock of separation.

After analysing 15,000 cases of cancer, including his own, the German head of the cancer research department of Tübingen University came to the conclusion that the development of cancer is a biological process that runs as a result of strong stimulus, such as a brutal psychic trauma, or an acute dramatic conflict, acute conflict, experienced in loneliness and sensed by the patient as the most serious he has ever known. Dr Hamer developed cancer himself in the testicles after the unexpected death of his teenage son. Dr Hamer formulated the theory (New German Medicine) that there is not just a psychological response to trauma, but also a biological one. And until that shock in the cell memories is removed, the ensuing illness will continue to run like a software program over and over again, regardless of how young or old the cell is.

Fortunately, cell memories can be changed, through thoughts, choice of emotions, release of lower vibrational emotions, and visualisations.

Firstly, you can choose which emotions you attach to and thus raise your vibrations. Louise Hay found firsthand in her 20 plus years of work with gay men with Aids in the US that simply using daily positive affirmations such as “You are Safe, All is Well” resulted in remarked improved levels of immunity and well being among the group. How does this work? Because by using an affirmation the person is attaching to positive emotions that have high vibrational frequencies, lifting their spirits and immunity levels.

Secondly, the part of the brain that deals with the body’s health is the subconscious mind, which is not subject to the same time line continuum as our conscious rational mind. The subconscious mind does not distinguish between pictures generated within the mind by creative thinking (for example day dreaming and visualisations) or pictures made from external information streamed in through its sensory organs (i.e. external physical reality). Thus healing visualisations, whereby one imagines healing a cracked vase, or shines white or pink or gold light into dark areas of the body, or the internal smile exercise featured in “Eat, Love Pray” simply do work as the subconscious mind does not care whether it happened in the physical world or in the inner world. It accepts the intent and instruction to heal and carries out the biological processes necessary until such time as it receives conflicting orders, such as “Oh no, I’m sitting next to one who is sneezing, I’m going to catch a cold.”

Thirdly, work can be done to release traumatic cell memories, by changing the perception & judgement of what happened. Wayne Dyer learnt this when he was able to instantaneously release the burden of years of resentment towards his father by engaging in a forgiveness exercise at his grave.

Doreen Virtue also expounds the importance of forgiveness as a means of releasing yourself from the emotional baggage of the past. You may not sanction what happen, but in the end you are living with the fall out, so you get to decide whether you keep it or release it.

In the words of Louise Hay “There is always a choice of love or fear. If we choose fear and the alienating behaviour that goes with it, we go down the tubes. It is up to us. The future is ours. If we choose love and the opportunities it offers us, we will be able to heal ourselves and the whole planet.”