Build Neuroplasticity – Learn Something New
Challenge Yourself – Stimulate Creativity

Brain Training

Tired of Life repeating itself the same way day in day out? Worried about a decline in your mental processing capacity? Scientists have demonstrated that mental activity and physical activity shapes the brain. By trying out new things, your brain is stimulated into creating new pathways leading to new options for you in your life.

About the course

In this 8 week course you will have the opportunity to try out something new for yourself. A combination of mental and physical exercises based on Feldenkrais, Chinese and Tibetan systems, dexterity training, breathing patterns, emotion regulation, and role playing will allow your brain to play in a different, new space.

Just as children thrive on being taken to new playgrounds, adults brains thrive too on engaging in new activities in particular physical ones.  It really is a question of ‘Use it or Lose it’.

This new BrainTraining course will provide a safe and comfortable environment in which you can spend quality time with your body and mind building neuroplasticity, unlock healing potential, and bringing new pathways into your life.

“Many brain problems thought to be incurable or irreversible can be improved, often radically, and in a number of cases, as we shall see, can be cured.” Norman Doidge author of The Brain that Heals itself