Greetings Dear One,

These are strange, crazy times alright.   I reach out to you from my heart, and with my spirit, to give you a big hug.

I was talking to friend today, commenting on how it is as if we have been collectively upended without warning, and dumped into another reality.  It does feel like a cross between landing in a dystopian nightmare and a children’s fable,  where humanity has been put into ‘Time Out”  by Mother Nature.

Although it is tempting to feel stranded- high and dry – the reality is we are stranded yes, but with a shelter above our heads, food in the fridge, and plenty of time to reflect on what we are about, and where we would like our lives, and society, to be going.  Now, more than ever, we get to determine what our will for the future is. We can dream and let our actions  reflect the qualities of our dream, and so anchor the dream, until it becomes reality.  For sure the spirit guides, angels,  plant, animal kingdom and elements are doing their best to reach out and support each of us in these times.

I truly believe that each of us signed up to be present on earth at this time of turmoil, and that we carry within us the gifts, knowledge, caring that will bridge us to a new way of comm-unity. As per indigenous lore, the old songlines are finished, and the new ones are being written by us.  So may the new ways be harmonious, unified and joyous.

In this spirit, and support those who are struggling with the uncertainty and turmoil, I am sharing the Release Anxiety mp3, a 30 minute meditation, for free. Click here for a link.

The price of all other guided meditations are also slashed from $20 down to $3.99.  I particularly recommend the  Activate Healing mp3 as I could feel the archangels healing forces with me all the way when I was recording that. Healing the shadow within will heal the shadows without.

For those in tune with chakras, the sacral and root ones are being triggered and need clearing. The solar plexus center is growing in strength and radiance, and there are activations happening for the throat, crown and higher chakras. The  DNA codes for recalibrating chakras (only $11) lists 14 codes including protection and grounding codes channeled by Marilyn Caflish from Archangel Melchizidek.  They are a tool we can use to tune our chakras every day or every week, and so keep our vibrations as high as possible.  It is time to release and resolve karmic dross once and for all.  It is a time for the renewal of souls too.

The qigong and Taichi classes have had to be paused, but I am offering weekly meditations (Wednesday night Healing Circle) click here 

as well as Qigong and stretch classes every Tuesday and Sunday morning 9am via Zoom. PM me for more information. I have filmed some exercises (click picture below) to keep the Qi flowing (where Qi circulates freely illness cannot take root), and am filming some for release on Patreon next month.  Stay safe and feel free to call me any time.  During the lockdown I am still available for online sessions at an isolation special of $42 per hour.

Namaste & may the angels walk with you, protect you and keep you and your loved ones safe, every step of the way.